Air in pump/filter?

I have your cartridge filter with magnetic pool pump. I’ve noticed pump running loud, like air in it and clear lid is not full. When I vent the top of filter until water sprays out, pump runs quiet again for a while but same problem occurs. What can I do to get it running properly (and quietly) again?


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    It is not uncommon to have some air in a pump straiiner basket. If you see the pump strainer basket change significantly and more aeration is occuring ( including the sound that aeration makes) some type of a suction side leak is the first place to look ( although not the only thing that causes this symptom). Upon spring opening this is especially common for leaks to occur through pump and suction line o’ring seals. Check to see if they are all in place, in good condition and well lubricated. 2 years is generally as long as an oring will last with good seal. Most pumps have at least 3-4 O’rings and all unions that are associated with the suction line usaually have o’rings as well. Start tracing from here. Again O’ring lubricant is a pool openers best friend 🙂

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