Air Control valve unscrewed

One of the air control valves unscrewed from the sleeve on my Sundance Chelsea spa. I put it back in and it just spins. Not sure how to correct – it doesn’t look like anything is broken on the part.


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    Paul, there should be what looks like a black colored sleeve
    still inserted in the air control body when you have the handle unthreaded/off.
    If you thread in the handle just far enough to grab this sleeve/cup you
    should then be able to pull up on the whole assy vertically. Then
    you should be able to line the whole thing up and push down on it
    snapping it into place and then threading the handle closed.
    If all else fails contact our Service Supports Desk to perform the

  2. Paul Ilchena


    that worked, but now, the dial turns around 3/4 way and is not smooth. How do I take it out again to see how it’s lined up? maybe its not lined up properly.

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    Paul, you turn the valve all the way off or all the way
    counterclockwise and then keep turning it counterclockwise
    until you hear or feel a snap. Then you can raise the handle
    and pull the handle top and insert out together.
    Sometimes it takes 1 or two tries to get it back
    correctly. There are two grooves inside the body
    of the air control to line the insert up with.
    Also on the underside of the handle cover there
    is a small dimple that rides along the top track
    of the air control body once the handle is in its
    final resting place.

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