Air blower blew

I have a 2002 Optima Spa. A few months ago the air blower (icon looks like bubbles) stopped working. If i press the button on the pad, a ‘click’ is heard, the icon comes on but the blower does not. Pressing the button again makes the click sound again and the icon goes away. Is it possible that there’s a fuse that might need replacing or something minor like that, or has my blower bit the dust?


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    Derek you can pull out your 8amp fuse and check it with an ohm meter. There is also a chance you have a bad blower or a bad PWA. After you check your fuse follow your circuit on the PWA and check for correct voltage at the blower terminals while calling for the blower. If you have no voltage with a call for the blower you have a bad PWA. If you have voltage you have a bad blower or bad connection between the blower and the PWA. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Spa.

  2. Derek


    It’s fixed! I followed your advise, fuse was OK, voltage at the PWA was OK but not the motor (I had a friend teach me how to use the voltmeter). I disconnected the blower motor and removed it, and after some fooling around with it was able to determine that the motor bushings were worn. These were fairly easy to replace, and once everything was put back together it worked like new.

    Thanks for the advise Aqua-Tech!

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