Advice On Re-filling Pool To Avoid Wrinkles?

Decided to drain (pump out) my 20×30 in-ground pool because a)there was a 2 ft tear in the liner to repair and b) there was a lot of debris to remove from the deep end. After repairing the tear and cleaning-up, time to refill. But wrinkles developed in the bottom and the stretch in the side wall opened the tear again. Any advice on refilling a pool to avoid wrinkles and not stress the patched area?


  1. Jim Oke


    Follow-up to above. Looks like the liner is adhering to the pool floor in the middle of the pool. Should it be loose all the way across to allow the weight of he water to lower it into place?

  2. Reply

    Jim, how old is the vinyl? When you take the water out of the pool the vinyl dehydrates and it is difficult and sometimes not possible to reseat the liner without failure ( especially on a repaired area). Sometimes some vacuum suction behind the liner will help remove some of the wrinkles.The goal is to have the liner as close as possible to tight against the pool floor before the water goes into the pool, this is the purpose of using suction behind the liner. Again, as the vinyl ages it becomes more difficult to do this. Water can do some of the work, but it is not it’s primary job for fitting

  3. Jim Oke


    Used vacuum to lift the liner away from the bottom and was able to then get it to settle down on bottom smoothly. Applied suction and was able to work out most wrinkles in bottom. However there was considerable stretch or in the corners between the sides and bottom. When refilling, the liner tore badly in another location – time for a replacement liner.

    Requested quote by separate correspondence.

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