A little more heat with a 2014 Sundance 780 Certa

Does anyone know the temperature over-ride button sequence on a 2014 sundance 780 series certa?

On my previous Sundance it was a jumper on the circuit board but I gather they now do it in software. I’d like to get to 106 degrees.

Thanks to anyone that knows the answer.


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    Norman, hold the temperature up button and the jet 1 button down together until the temperature steps up to 106.  Once the actual spa temperature reaches 106 the temperature in the spa will start to lower again to 104 so if you want it back at 106 simply repeat the same button sequence again.

  2. Norman Weinstein


    That is a nice simple routine and I thank you for it. The only problem with it is that one would have to anticipate the use time of the spa, since the warm up time of 364 gallons probably takes a while. Unless of course one could program the time that the clean and heat cycles come on. Right now I’ve chosen F3 which is 4 30 minute cycles in 24 hours, however, I don’t see an option for controlling the time of day with the cycles.

    If there were, I could place a cycle just before my typical use time.

    As I may have indicated, on my 30 year old Maxxus, there was a jumper I could deal with. I had the notion there was a more long term fix, since I believe export units are not limited to 104 but to higher temperatures. Possibly this is done with the code in the chip.



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    Norman, in April 2006 Sundance Spas discontinued the jumper you are referring to.  If you have a circulation pump you should also go into your circulation pump programming and set it for C6 (24hrs).  This will help maximize your time for heating the spa. 

  4. Norman Weinstein


    Thanks for the tip.

    Online there are more exotic fixes such as replacing the eeprom, but I will pass that up.

    I tried your initial suggestion of using the the pump button concurrently with raising the temperature to 106, and it worked very well, the lead time was surprisingly short and I will use your original suggestion.

    You have been a great resource.

    Thanks so much.


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