24 hour circulation in Winter cycle not working

I have my Hamilton 780 tub set on the winter cycle, (F3 and C6). I’ve noticed that for the last week that not everytime, but at least once a day, i go check my tub and the waterfall is not running which tells me that 24hr circulation is not working.

THe weird thing is that if i turn the temp up one degree,from 100 to 101, it will turn back on, but if i turn it back down, to 100, it will shut back off. Is that normal?


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    Jason it sounds like your spa may be only running the F3 filteration/heating mode right now. Raising your thermostat or setting your temperature for a heat call will activate your circulation pump to heat the spa thereby also circulate water to your waterfall. You want to make sure your spa is set and locked for C6. Once you are in the circulation programming section of your controls and have selected the C6 cycle you need to depress the Jet pump 1 button to activate this cycle.

    Also remember that if there is an interuption in the circulation pump filteration cycle or it is turned off the duration of the cycle will not be extended once spa functions resume.

    Reference pages 28 through 31 in your Sundance Spas owners manual for programming details if in doubt.

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