2015 Optima is flashing Flo/102/Flo

Our spa was flashing flo when we drained it a month ago. We refilled it yesterday and it flashes Flo/102/Flo just when the jet pumps are running. Please call to help. I spoke to John yesterday and he walked me through troubleshooting but it has not helped


  1. Nigel


    Donna, if the spa’s heat icon comes on with a heat call and you can verify that the temperature in the spa is actually 102 with an external thermometer then your Flow switch is working on some level but perhaps you have a loose or broken connection between the switch and the PWA, partially plugged circ pump/Flow switch line and or a bad Flow switch. Rodents like the warmth of the equipment area and can chew through wires so follow the wire from the Flow switch to where it connects to the PWA and inspect it for breaks. If your spa is not heating and your waterfall is not running with the waterfall valve open then you would want to check if you have an air lock in your circulation line by partially loosening the union to the circ pump til you hear the air released. Flow switch’s are available for purchase from our online store at http://www.aqua-tech.ca. Click on parts and accessories and then click on the big yellow button Prices and Availability. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Spa.

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