2007 Diamondback Spa

Received FLO error and wasn’t heating after several months working fine following refill. Noticed that Jets 1 aren’t blowing at all however lower larger jet near floor blowing normal when on and now heating. Jets 2 working normal. Ideas on areas to start checking first?


  1. Nigel


    Hi Ryan. The Diamondback spas usually had the Balboa controller and Balboa topdide keypad. They sometimes included a small circulation pump in addition to the 2 larger jet pumps. Do you have a small circulation pump on yours ie 3 pumps in total?

  2. Ryan


    Correct on the Balboa controls. I also believe there is a small circulation pump as I see it labeled on the main board.

    • Nigel


      Hi Ryan. If the spa heat icon is on than your smaller circulation pump will be working with the heater without a FLO error code. If you don’t have any flow to one section of the spa related to the Jet 1 pump but the larger jet below is connected to Jet 1 side of the spa you would want to make sure any diverters or massage selectors topside you may have are directed to these other jets in question. Typically footwell jets are on a separate bank or the other side of a massage selector then say your massage seats or lounger seats. Also make sure any of these jets are rotated to the on position. Most standard industry jets if you are standing over the jet face, counterclockwise turns them off, clockwise rotation turns them on. If you have any footwell suction or intake fittings that house a fine cloth mesh screen over the plastic cover inspect the cloth for grease buildup and replace as necessary. Lastly if this all checks out pull your filter out and run the spa briefly for 15min without. If you have an open filter compartment make sure nothing large can get sucked into the filter intake during the 15min. If the flow improves after removing the filter replace it with a new filter.

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