2004 sundance marin

Firstly, I have a top notch plumber/electrician(combined) who has been installing the parts and trouble shooting the issues with our hot tub. In 2009 we had this hot tube fixed at your shop at a considerable cost and then it was mothballed until this fall when we connected it. Upon startup the circulation pump failed and we had it replaced. Upon re-start the flo2 error code was encountered so we purchased a new flow sensor from your shop a few days ago. Upon restart the unit functioned property for at least an hour(Almer the plumber/electrician monitored it for an hour and then departed), but when I returned home the flo2 error code had returned. If you could provide some insight into troubleshooting this issue it would be appreciated.

We live in Kenora so bringing the hot tub to Winnipeg is not an option and neither is having an aqua tech technican travel to Kenora.

We purchased this hot tub from Aqua Tech and have also had an inground pool installed by your shop


  1. Nigel


    Eric firstly you would want to retrace your steps. Check the connections from the Flow switch at the sensor harness. Remove the connections if necessary from the harness with a paperclip and then re-connect them again. Make sure you hear both tine connectors click into place in the harness. Make sure when you clip the harness back into the PWA it locks into place securely. If you have a bad connection here it could give you an intermittent FLO2 msg. Check that your connections from the Circulation pump are connected to their proper assignments. The neutral from the Circulation pump could also be connected to one leg on TB1 if you prefer. If in doubt consult the PWA wire schematic on the reverse of the Sentry Control Box panel. Check that you have no debris blockage inside the Circulation pump. Check the clear Flow switch T that no debris has gotten hung up on the paddle assy. You could also remove the Flow switch, touch the paddle to the post and check the wires for continuity. With the paddle touching the post you should have continuity on a good Flow switch. If all of this checks out you could have a bad Circ pump circuit on the PWA ie a bad PWA. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Spa.

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