The newly released Summit™ Series is the pinnacle of home fitness and relaxation in jetted swim spas

What is the Summit Series About?
PDC Summit Series Features
A Strong Current
If you’re able to easily out swim the current, you won’t get the full fitness benefits that swim spas offer. The current should be strong enough to challenge you. When making this significant purchase, realize your strength and stamina will increase and you may desire a stronger current in the days ahead to further your fitness goals. To get a powerful swim, you need a powerful resistance, which is better measured in GPM, gallons per minute, than HP for swim spas. Horsepower simply measures how much power the pump uses, not how much water it moves. Since water movement is the true measure of a swim current’s power, gallons per minute is a much more better measurement. The jetted Summit™ Series features 690GPM of resistance.
Variable Resistance Current
A current that can’t be properly controlled isn’t much good, no matter how powerful it may be. If you aren’t able to vary the speed of the water enough, the current may be too strong for some to enjoy the swim spa or too weak to be effective. The Summit™ Series, the more advanced jetted units, offer touchscreen control centers with a range in pump power from 1-6, also with customized workout sessions.
Smooth, Balanced Resistance Current
Along with being powerful and controllable, the swim current should also be relatively smooth and balanced. A jetted swim spa pool creates the water current with one, two, or multiple nozzles situated at the front of the pool. These nozzles or jets drive air into the pool and move the water from the front to the back of the pool. A single jet pushes between 250-500 gallons of water per minute in a focused stream. Depending on where the jets are placed, the water current depth is shallow and the width depends on the number of jets. The Summit swim spa series offer Elite Pro™ jets featuring a wide, narrow jet nozzle for the optimum in water movement. To make a wider swim lane, you need a wider jet. The Summit™ Series, has 3 of these jets, positioned side-by-side for a wide lane, and a third jet centered below the pair offering lift and balance to the experience. Elite Pro™ jets are also equipped with industry exclusive “swim fins”. These fins are mounted inside the mouth of the jet and are designed to greatly reduce the turbulence created by the jet pumps.
The Summit™ Series features 2 powerful Elite Pro™ jets offering up to 690 GPM of resistance. This creates it’s current using powerful jet pumps to force water through the 2 swim jets.
Energy and Cost Saving Operation
This unit recycles trapped warmed air from pump waste heat to efficiently keep your swim spa warm and ready, regardless of season and at a minimum of cost. Warmed air is trapped within the cavity behind the cabinet walls and the insulated TemperBase™ floor keeping the plumbing and shell warmed, performing much like a “Thermos”. This unique design makes it significantly lighter in weight than foam-filled units for a much easier installation, hook-up and long-term care and operation.
Less Chemicals, Effective and Pure Water Treatment
The PDC EverPure2™ sanitizer combines ozone and UV-C light to produce powerful hydroxyl radicals that instantly clean your swim spa water as the pump circulates. The ultimate solution to water care, the EverPure2™ system naturally destroys organic and inorganic contaminants, requires less maintenance and also reduces the use of harsh chemicals. Widely used to purify drinking water, this natural method safely leaves your spa water fresh and clear.
The EverLite2™ sight glass indicator lets you rest easy, knowing that your swim spa water is clean and pure. Simply look through the cabinet mounted EverLite2™ sight glass during filtration cycles for the bright green light indicating with confidence your spa water is treated with ozone and UV-C.
Highlights LED Lighting
Enhance your evening soak or swim with the multi-colored LED Highlights Lighting™ system. This collection of soft glowing pinpoint underwater lights will enhance the sights and sounds of your backyard.
High Gloss and Durable Shell Finish
Glistening and resilient, the swim and fitness spa shells are made to deliver years of reliability and enjoyment. Reinforced with hand-laid fiberglass, this exceptionally strong shell is built by Americans in the heart of Pennsylvania. The high-gloss scratch resistant acrylic surface by Lucite® in the classic, every popular Sterling Silver Marble, is known for its decades of lasting strength and signature good looks.
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