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When you need to submit an insurance claim for your swimming pool because of an accident or other insurable cause, you want to ensure you get what you deserve. Navigating an insurance claim can often feel like an uphill struggle, so let Aqua-Tech advocate on your behalf. In our decades in business, we’ve supported countless clients through the process and we will help you get back in your pool as quickly as possible.

We Work For You

Thanks to our in-depth understanding of pools, we can seamlessly liaise with you and your insurance agency, providing the necessary information and assessments about how to best address the existing situation and prevent a similar occurrence in the future. Our high quality of work satisfies you as the pool owner. Further, our technical capabilities alongside our existing relationships as their preferred vendor will ensure that your insurance company will be ready to work with us.

Beautiful Final Results


It’s your right to choose your vendor and when you partner with Aqua-Tech, you can expect that at the end of your claim your swimming pool will be restored to its original condition–or maybe even improved upon! Throughout the process, we want you to understand your best option and always advocate for a full replacement where necessary.

Our Experience and Relationships

Our strengths lie in the ability to systematically investigate not only the surface damage but to also assess the potential remedial measures and costs associated with your insurance claim. By using our process, neither you nor the insurance company need to worry about what may have to be repaired. Our breadth of experience includes accurately determining all of the measures that are required to restore your pool to its original state.

I am writing to commend the entire staff of your company that dealt with my accident claim and subsequent pool clean up and repair. My opinion of Aqua-Tech as a company is that they are top notch, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any current or prospective pool/spa owner.

Our unmatched experience in this industry makes us the ideal partner for your insurance claim. You wouldn’t settle for anything less than an Aqua-Tech pool, so why would you accept less generous benefits than you deserve?

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