Pool Liner Patterns
7 Pool Renovation Questions We Wish Customers Asked
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Backyard Updates and Pool Liner Replacements
Frequently Asked Questions
What time of year is best to change my pool liner?

Great question! Most people like to change their pool liner in the spring as it effects the pool usage least....or so they think! The best time for your pool structure is to replace the pool liner in the heat of the summer when the ground conditions are dry and stable. The process is pretty fast and we can easily accommodate this when your family is at the cottage for a couple days. Other than that, an autumn liner replacement works great for many folks. The great news is that we change pool liners April into October so there is lots of time to get you and your family swimming!

How long does a pool liner change take?

There is a lot of steps that go into changing your pool liner. What most people find surprising is that more than half of them occur before we even start to drain the water from your pool. What we find on average is that from the day the existing pool is drained until the day you are able to swim again is about 7 days.

How long does a pool liner last?

We all know the guy or of the guy that has had his pool liner 35 years right? It’s the same guy with the 60-year-old beer fridge in the garage ☺. The most honest answer on this really has to include information about how the liner has been cared for as well as its overall sun-exposure. 7-10 years would be the average that we see when an inground pool liner requires replacement. That date can though be shorter or longer based on how well the water chemistry has been maintained over the years - the single largest factor to how long your vinyl pool liner will last.

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