POLLEN? Try Jacks Super Paks

POLLEN?  Try Jacks Super Paks

The New Jacks Super Pacs work to digest organics including Pollen.  Reports from our customers have shown that Jacks Super Pacs working AMAZING on pollen

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Quick Steps for Dealing with Pollen 

  • Oxidizing weekly with Amaze Plus! Elevate Chlorine, Bromine levels to allow it to do the work to 3-5 ppm
  • Use One Jacks Super Pac per 80,000 L reapply as needed
  • Filter Cleanse (as needed)
  • Pool and Patio Cleanse for surfaces
  • Dazzle Assure on a weekly schedule helps dramatically and Phos Cleanse for higher levels of Phosphates.  You could also use Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid weekly

Tech TIP… ALSO works GREAT for suntan lotion

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Pollen and Chlorine Demands often go hand in hand and has been an extreme problem this year.

Pollen is a fine yellowish powder that is transported from plant to plant by the wind, by insects or by other animals. The spread of pollen helps to fertilize plants and creates issues when maintaining swimming pools. You may have seen Dirty Pool Surfaces, pollen on cars and lawn furniture.  It can build up on surfaces and in skimmers as it mixes with suntan lotions etc.  It has a hard shell and is sticky, so it is difficult to break down and sticks inside of filters.  This can go a long way to build a chlorine demand.  being a plant, it also contains phosphates, that will be left behind when it is destroyed.



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