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Your pool should meet the needs of your family and represent its personality. Adding accessories to your design can go a long way to increasing not just how well your swimming pool complements your backyard, but also the enjoyment you get from your investment and the amount of time you spend in it. When you turn to Aqua-Tech for your pool accessories, you’ll be able to access the highest quality and most innovative products available to pool owners today.

Electronic Accessories

Your swimming pool can include a range of high-tech features, including the capability to control the lighting design and colour scheme at the touch of a button. You can also incorporate fountains that have a programmable sequence. And, if that isn’t enough, consider the addition of wireless speaker system allowing you to control your music without having to leave the pool! Our team can show you our range of waterproof electronic additions that will really make your pool stand out.

Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Safety covers are quickly becoming the first choice of pool owners who want an attractive option to protect children, pets and other animals from accidental submersion. Aqua-Tech’s exclusive range of safety covers form a very thick, impenetrable barrier over your pool during the cold season. Our covers are simple to install and designed to prevent unsanitary, odorous water from pooling. They also prevent build-up from collecting on top of the cover, making your backyard look messy.

Safety covers will help you maintain a higher water level, enabling you to conserve water and time. They can also help reduce your operational costs because they are 2 to 3 times more durable and longer lasting than traditional options. Safety covers can be installed in minutes and your choices from Aqua-Tech’s outstanding providers will be a safe, cost effective and aesthetically appealing addition to your backyard.

Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I have been with the Prowler that I purchased earlier this year. Although the initial cost had me thinking twice, the time and effort it saved me this summer made the purchase worthwhile. Thanks to everyone at Aqua-Tech for their friendly advice and service over the past ten years.

Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers are designed to keep out foreign objects while keeping in as much water as possible. To that end, there are several options when it comes to swimming pool covers, including winter and solar covers. Whatever type of cover you choose, it will be customized to suit your tastes and requirements.

Solar covers absorb the sun’s heat and channel it into your pool, helping your pool’s water to remain at a consistent temperature and saving you money on utility bills. Solar covers also reduce the costly loss of chemicals that comes from evaporation, while preventing foreign objects from entering your pool.

Winter covers are designed to protect your pool from the elements during Manitoba’s harsh winters. These robust covers are a particularly good choice for pool owners who want to safeguard their investments from the wear and tear of winter weather, avoid accidental submersion and reduce cleaning time in the spring.

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