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When your hot tub is struggling to provide you with the experience you enjoyed when it was first installed, it’s possible that you need to update some of the components. Most commonly, that means your heater and filter will need to be replaced. Aqua-Tech’s decades in the industry mean that we have access to exclusive options and the highest quality products in Winnipeg, including replacement filters for all makes and models of hot tubs. You can turn to our team for advice and installation support, as well as on-going maintenance to ensure your hot tub performs optimally once your new parts are installed.

Hot Tub Filters

Your hot tub filter works hard to ensure that your water is always clear and free of body oils, grime and other substances. In order to keep your water as comfortable as it was in the beginning, your filter will need to be periodically replaced. Aqua-Tech stocks filters for all makes and models of hot tubs, not just for Sundance Spas, and we’re proud to be able to offer the highest quality options on the market.

We’re also Winnipeg’s sole provider of filter maintenance and cleaning. A properly cared for filter can double its lifespan compared to one that isn’t. Once your filter is replaced, trust our team to provide you with the expert support to prolong the length of time your filter can provide you with beautiful, clean water.

It has been a great pleasure and experience knowing you, your staff and having confidence in the products you represent. Thanks for all your help, the water analysis staff, and the service department. Keep the seminars going, as each time I attended, I learned something new, and occasionally was lucky to walk away with a door prize.

Hot Tub Pumps

When your pump stops circulating and cleaning your water, you want to replace it with the highest quality and most efficient option that’s available. We’ve selected our range of available pumps from the very best manufacturers so you can rely on your new pump to perform optimally for many years to come.

When it’s time to install your new parts, you won’t have to look any further than our skilled service technicians. With specialized training and experience with hot tub service and Aqua-Tech’s products, you know that our team will be able to easily install your new parts–unlike what you might experience with another contractor.

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