Sundance Maxxus 880 Stereo issue

  I have a 2006 Sundance maxxus 880, My stereo quit working. I tested all fuses to include ones behind stereo. I have no power coming to the stereo fuses. I see the wires run down to a black box behind the main electrical panel which looks very tough to get to. I was wondering… Read More»

Stereo power issue. Where are the fuses? Suggestions?

Hello. I need some suggestions. Just completed a water exchange last week so i had the power breaker off. I put the breaker back on and the heater and pumps all work fine but the stereo has no power. I did not have the side panels off. The speakers (pop-up) don’t have a light on… Read More»

Sundance spa Jbl intellisound problems

Hi I have A 2010 sundance otima spa with a JBL Intellisound systeme & only the right speakers work, fuses & The wiring are ok, i have reseted bnd & eject & usb with pin closing the main power . Still the Left speakrs don’t work. Is there something else That I can do .… Read More»