OH code

I bought a plug ‘n play hot tub second hand – a dream maker spa X-400. It keeps overheating with OH code. I had heat sensors checked, changed the filter and it still overheats. The company who tested the heat sensors told me this is normal for a plug ‘n play hot tub to overheat… Read More»


Need flow switch asap. Store is closed till jan 2. Where can i get it today or tomorrow?

Water loss + cover

I’m not sure if it has gotten worse but every week I’m having to put about half an inch of water back in the hot tub. This equates to what I would estimate as 40 or so liters of water or 2-3 home depot buckets. I don’t think it’s leaking..I believe it’s just evaporation. I’d… Read More»

Spa heating issue (high temperature limit)

Had new spa delivered today by AQT. Concerned temperature is rising too slow and that the high temperature limit is set incorrectly. Should/how do/can it be changed?


My service heater light keeps coming on and off. Occasionally the temp drops and heater won’t start until I turn on/off. What’s the issue? Recently you replaced pump to variable speed which lowers pressure. Does lower pressure affect the heater? Google seems to think so. I’m at work so if I don’t answe please call… Read More»

Hot tub temperature

Red light is on in hot tub. Fairly new filter. Tub recently drained and refilled. Tub not heating up to set temperature at all. Waterfall running. Jets seem to be working. Error message is FLO then the temperature flashing back and forth. Not sure what to do. Thanks.

Hot Tub Heating Issue

Purchased hot tub from AQT, installed Friday, July 13th. Has temperature set for the 90 degree range, but hot tub at 102 degrees. Turned the breaker on and off to see if that would help.

FLO error on Jacuzzi Spa

Just moved in to a house this winter with a Jacuzzi Spa. I emptied it and cleaned it this spring. After refilling it I keep getting a flashing FLO error on the control panel and it does not heat up to the set temperature. The jets are working so I don’t think it is an… Read More»

Sundanice hot tub

Was blowing breaker. Resetc then again in 3 weeks.reset then again in 1 week.reset then 3 days.this was as temp got colder last fall.heater coil measures 10.5 ohms.looks ok too.tks dan

Sundance Marin 880

We have a Sundance Marin 880 and restarted it now after winter. But now it is not possible to set time and temperature. Everything else is working fine. Any ideas?