Sundance spa circuit board

Hy , I juste install the universal circuit board (sundance board 6600-180 ) that I bought from you on Amazone and thé control panel code “21 A” . Is there a set up To inisialize the card ?

FLO flashing message

I have a 2002 Sundance Cameo in which the FLO message is appearing but only when I turn the pump on. One pump is out and has been ordered. Could this be the cause of this message or should I keep trying to figure this out before the new pump gets here and I unstall… Read More»

Hot Tub Control Panel / Heating issue

i, We recently had someone out to service our hot tub and replace a pump seal and open our tub for the season. Since we opened the tub it has overheated 3 times (We have an Aeware by Gecko Keypad K450 and it has displayed HL on the display). Each time it has done this… Read More»

FL error on hot tub

Hot tub displaying FL error sporadically. When error code displaying, hot tub stops circulating and heat drops. Have 2 sets of filters, and filters were last cleaned 2 weeks ago. Aqua-tech looked at hot tub fall 2017 for same issue and couldn’t find problem.

my topside control is showing a message Fd00

I have a barefoot spa m class spa pack, gecko topside. My topside control has stop working. when I let it set over night it starts to working again, but now error message Fd00 and 3 dots flashing 4 times.

error codes not in manual

the red light is on to my 2013 Aspen and it is showing the following error codes that are not in the manual: SA4A F08F the spa is not heating please phone me at 204-523-7822 thank you!

FL1 error code

We have a Sundance Hawthrone 680 series. I think it’s a 2011 or 2012 model. We have been having some trouble with our hot tub. Every couple of days it seems to give us an error code FL1 and begins losing heat. Pump 1 will no longer work, only pump 2 will circulate. This will… Read More»

Flashing display screen

The display seems to flash in order 4-0-1 one number at a time, our temperature we have it set at 104 over and over again. The hot tub seems to be functioning properly, the water is heated and both sets of jets work. I took a video of the error code but it won’t let… Read More»

Sundance Maxxus No Control

I am having trouble with a 2008 Sundance Maxxus. It sat empty through the summer. After refilling and turning on the power, strange things happen. Sometimes the pumps will start running after a few seconds. Other times the pumps will “try” to start over and over again as if the power is being turned on… Read More»