Often Overlooked Areas of Pool Maintenance

Neglecting your pool maintenance can result in very costly repairs. Replacement of pool equipment or structural damage can be more expensive than the chemicals itself used to maintain the water balance. Closely monitoring water chemistry in your pool can save you from those costly repairs.  Test your water to make sure that your water chemistry is good. Also, attention to vacuum and brushing, and filter cleaning can help you. Expert advice on a proper maintenance regime will help you save time and money.


Low chlorine can lead to an unhealthy pool. A chlorine level of 1 – 3 ppm is ideal. Keep 2-3 Chlorine sticks or pucks in the skimmer and keep the skimmer basket free from debris. You want a nice flow happening through the skimmer, so you can have good circulation of your pool water.


In your weekly pool maintenance add your cleanse, or shock pouches into the pool. Making sure that you have the correct dosage for the volume of water. You don’t want to skimp out, and not put the appropriate dosage for your pool. Not enough can lead to a low chlorine bank.


The chemistry of the water is balanced when: Alkalinity is between 125 – 150 ppm, PH is between 7.4 – 7.6 ppm, and Ca is between 175-225 ppm. The chemicals will work more efficiently for you this way. High PH means the chlorine will be less effective. High or low Alkalinity, or Calcium Hardness can cause corrosion on your equipment.

Vacuum and brushing with your regular pool maintenance keeps the bacteria from growing. When we don’t brush our liner, you can compare it to not brushing our teeth. Like brushing our teeth, which keeps plaque build up, it stops the bacteria from attaching on our liner.

Pool maintenance is a good time to cleaning your filter. Filter rinsing can helps keep your filter working well, as well as less strain on your pump. A pump that runs well helps the circulation of the water. It is a good reminder to chemically clean your filter in spring or fall.

Regular pool maintenance is a pro-active way to stay away from the headache of having cloudy water, scale forming water, or even dealing with algae in the water.

Proper pool maintenance is about keeping your pool healthy and safe. It’s about extending the life and getting the most out of your pool.
Sparkling Blue water presents to family and friends a positive and healthy pool. Enjoy the summer in a well maintained pool!


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