Would you like a patio with that hot tub?

Would you like a Patio with that Hot Tub?

In many cases a hot tub installed in the backyard will require some additional patio work.Yes, the spa can simply be placed on your existing deck but ideally you create an environment around the spa.

The nicer the environment the more likely you’re going to use the spa sanctuary you’re trying to achieve. Most hot tub companies have limited options to help you create the complete backyard.

At Aqua-tech we have two key additional aspects……..a full design team and computer generated software plus the expert tradesmen on staff to build the project.

Most recently we helped design this River Heights backyard that also required a paver patio and retaining wall. Sean Mayer of our design team was able to produce a drawing so the consumer could really visualize the final product.

pic a 1 june 27 2017pic a 2 june 27 2017pic a 3 june 27 2017

In future blogs we will show you the finished product as it is scheduled to be installed in Mid-July.

Some other critical aspects of hot tub placement and design include:

  • Privacy……consider where the neighbour’s window is in relation to the spa.

pic b june 27 2017 e1498593061920

  • Access to the house……keep it close so the hop to the house in winter is convenient.

pic c june 27 2017 e1498593224767

  • Matching the cabinet to the deck material

pic d june 27 2017

  • Wind protection….vines can work well for privacy and wind

pic e june 27 2017 e1498593613156

  • Complete backyard environment…..add a firepit table or outdoor kitchen?

pic f june 27 2017


Start designing your hot tub sanctuary with our help by visiting us in our large showroom!


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