How To Choose Hot Tub Supplies

Our Water Lab Technicians at Aqua-Tech pride themselves on ensuring the best water quality for each and every individual.  When choosing hot tub supplies, we are here to guide you.  We will always send you home with only the product your hot tub needs, saving you as much money as possible.  We have a few different programs you can use with your hot tub, all of which are fantastic and silky soft!


Trio is an easy 3-month program that will leave you with happy skin from silky smooth water right from the start.  With the Trio kit you have a starter package, 13 weekly pouches, and a draining package.  You’ll start off with the first package which will be your initial, overall kick start to this great program.  It’ll also give your water an amazing softener!  Fifteen minutes after that you’ll put in your first pouch, bring in a water sample, and get your hot tub balanced.  Now you get to sit back, relax and enjoy your hot tub.  Just once a week, you’ll add one of your weekly pouches as well as keep up with your sanitize levels.  That same easy process once a week is all you need!


Mineraluxe  is another program we offer and is also a super easy product to use.  Again, we recommend you drain and refill your tub every 3 months.  This will keep your spa in tip top shape!  Before you drain your spa we recommend putting in Cleanse and Drain.  Cleanse and Drain will clean out all your pipes and get all of the gunk out.  After you put it in, wait about 24-48 hours before draining to let it do its job and get through all the pipes.  Next we have a Tub Cleanse.  Tub Cleanse is used to clean the inside of the tub to prevent build up and scaling.  After that, you would drain your tub, refill, and bring us a water sample in so you can get started on your weekly maintenance.  Mineraluxe weekly maintenance is made goof proof!  Once a week you will add one cube, which has 5 amazing products in just one!  They’ve got Stain and Scale 1 and 2 (to help prevent and staining and scaling), nature sheen (a clarifier), performance plus (a water softer) and botanical cleanse (cleans off scum lines in the hot tub).  There is a dosage of each these things in the cubes you will be putting in your spa once a week to help maintain it.  Again, it’s fantastic! The next thing you’ll do is put in an oxygen pouch.  This is going to oxidize your spa and get rid of all that bodily waste and gas it off.  And once again, just like that, you’re done your weekly maintenance and you can enjoy your perfectly balanced, silky smooth spa.

Come in to Aqua-Tech or contact us today to inquire and get you started on the program that is right for you!


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