Train like an athlete in the comfort of your own backyard – your swim spa awaits!

The health benefits of swimming are well documented, but what if you don’t have space for your own full-sized pool and you don’t want to join a gym? A Hydropool Swim Spa is the perfect option for people looking for the ability to swim for exercise as well as to relax making it a fantastic investment for athletes, families and backyard enthusiasts.

Swim Spas work by creating a current in the pool that is powerful enough to keep you afloat and give you some resistance so that you can enjoy a challenging workout but isn’t so strong that you’re forced out of the path of the jets. You’ll be able to customize the speed and temperature of the water allowing to enjoy a perfect swim every time. The current keeps you challenged so that you’ll always have to push yourself forward and you’ll get to enjoy a great full body workout at your own pace.


When you aren’t interested in swimming against the current, you can leave it off and use the pool like you’d normally treat a hot tub. Your swim spa can be large enough for the whole family to enjoy: kids can splash around, still reaching the sides of the pool so they feel safe and you can enjoy the seating at the backend.

Your swim spa will come with a range of moveable jets that offer luxurious massages to help you relax from a long day or help your recover from a long swim. Like a hot tub, you can control how hot you’d like the water and the speed of the jets. The clever design ensures that you can swim for exercise without bumping into the seats or sides of the pool, but when you’re enjoying the pool for fun you’ll still be comfortable in the ergonomically designed seats.

Don’t wait any longer! Learn more about the best swim spa for you today.