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Sundance Spas is the largest manufacturer of acrylic hot tubs in the world. They hold the patents for many features that have become industry standard since their introduction, including head rests and ergonomic seats that minimize floatation. Since 1979, they’ve been leading the field in technology and innovation, consistently increasing quality and comfort. Even at this high standard and with the amazing features included, a Sundance hot tub can be yours for less than $35 a week!

Sundance Spas are more technologically advanced and less harsh on the environment than other options, saving you money each month; they are built in a state-of-the-art facility in California; and each tub is tested for quality at over 100 points throughout the process. Each tub is filled and drained twice to ensure all of the systems are performing flawlessly before it leaves the factory.

I think the best part of the spa is that it is a great family conversation place and a chance to enjoy the starry sky. We are extremely satisfied with the quality and the design.

Sundance hot tubs are manufactured using the highest quality components, and all 880 and 780 series parts are designed for use exclusively in these models. All hot tubs are insulated with polyurethane foam which maintains heat much better than other types of insulation. Foam insulation also reduces the impact of vibration, helping make Sundance Spas among the longest lasting in the industry.

The Sundance Spa warranty is one of the industry’s most generous and covers defects in the spa shell and interior surface, equipment and control malfunctions, and plumbing faults for up to five years. The spa you choose will come with its own detailed warranty, and we are happy to go through it in more detail with you.

Aqua-Tech is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Sundance Spas in Manitoba. Purchasing a Sundance Spa is a guarantee that you’ll have that luxurious outdoor room you deserve and the confidence of knowing that it will last and continue to provide as much pleasure years later as it did the first day it was installed.