Reduce strain on your tired and achy muscles with a hydrotherapy massage in your own back yard.

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A Sundance Spa is your ticket to improved health and happiness. The benefits of Sundance Spas’ superior hydrotherapy include immediate relaxation, stress relief and the promotion of a better quality of life.

Hot tubs aren’t just for fun! In fact, there are numerous health benefits that can be gained from spending time in the warm, bubbling waters. Sundance Spas are built with your health in mind and designed to provide you with therapeutic massage, promote healing and reduce your stress.

Water has been relied on since ancient times for its healing properties, and soaking for even 30 minutes a day can have a positive, tangible impact on your health.

We are delighted with the spa we chose and are looking forward to many days of soaking and relaxation!

Sleep and Stress

There are a number of factors that can improve your sleep but reducing stress is a major one. The jets and massage jets in your tub are designed to help you relax so any stress you’re feeling will be reduced by bedtime. Heat also helps reduce any physical tension as does the weightlessness you experience.

Did you know that spending just 15 minutes in your tub before bedtime can help you fall asleep faster? It’s also been suggested that the increase in body temperature from the warm water followed by the decrease when you get out can aid you in falling asleep.

Muscle Aches and Joint Pains

Spending time in a hot tub can often be the perfect antidote to any muscle or joint discomfort you’re feeling. The buoyancy of the water can reduce your weight by up to 90%, greatly diminishing pressure on your joints. The heat can help to loosen up any knots or stiffness, and Sundance Spas’ targeted jets can be positioned wherever you need them.


The heat from your tub can also impact on your circulation and lower your blood pressure. Warm water will encourage blood vessels to open up through a process called vasodilatation increasing blood flow through larger veins and arteries while reducing the pressure on your heart.

Manage Chronic Diseases

Sufferers of chronic pain condition such as arthritis or fibromyalgia report a reduction in discomfort from aches as well as increased energy levels when they spend regular time in their hot tubs.

You can even add invigorating or stress-busting scents to your water and enjoy the healing power of aromatherapy.

Studies have shown that the soothing power of the hot tubs can help you to lose weight – 30 minutes a day can jump-start your muscles so you begin to slowly shed any extra pounds. Why sit on the couch when you could be in your tub letting any stress or muscle strain just melt away? Decide to improve your health today—call now!