Hot Tub Buyers Guide

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MicroClean Filter
Made from a fine polypropylene fiber which traps microscopic particles that ordinary spa filters would pass through. Maintenance free and disposable.
Eco wrap/Full Foam
Optional insulation wrap made from recycled material that reduces operating costs, equipment noise, heat loss. Protects from moisture. Reduces operating costs by up to 25%.
ClearRay UV
An ultraviolet spa water sanitizer that treats 99% of waterborne bacteria and viruses using the UV C ray.
Cellular connected remote monitoring & control of hot tub
Accu-Ssage seat
A deep full body immersion seat that utilizes a unique array of jets that target specific muscular trigger points in the neck, shoulders and back for a professional quality massage
A water cure or hydropathy used as an atlernate medical practice that involves using water to relieve pain or as a treatment for a medical condition.
A warm air delivery system that injects one of eight different fragrances into the water without interfering with the balance of the water.
The utilization of the SunGlow/SunRay lighting system to generate different colors of light to promote a sense of wellness and healing.