Here’s what you’ll need to Start the Pool Season

If it is time to open your pool then fun is just around the corner.  Keep reading to see the 4 best ways to start your swimming pool this summer.

Start with the essentials and find new ways to stay clear!

Testing and restoring pool water from a winter of slumber are tried and true methods to kick start your pool season each spring and Aqua-Tech has a great new product to get things going.

Step 1:

Start the pool and get things circulating – click here for a great video on how to do that:

Step 2: 

Next, add BioGuard Pool Opening Complete to digest a winter worth of organics from the chemistry of your pool – this will cut down on filter cleaning as well as help your chlorine dollars to go further

pool chemicals bioguard pool opening complete 946ml 1

Step 3: 

Then, add your Pool Opening kit.  With a powerful cold water formulated shock (that you apply to your skimmer) and an initial dose of algae prevention (applied directly to the pool water) your season will start off right!

pool chemicals bioguard spring opening kit treats up to 80 000ltr 1

Step 4: 

Lastly, clean the pool and then get your water professionally tested 48-72 hours later.

Don’t forget to start your once a week pool care routine – it is the key to clarity, comfort and convenience 😊

pool chemicals bioguard pool pak large kit large replacement for smart pak 1

Got questions?  GREAT!  We love them!

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Happy Swimming!


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