Congratulations on your new Hot Tub!!

So, you have a new spa – CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to the Aqua-Tech family. The most important thing to do is to create a relationship with your hot tub professional.

For your first visit it is really helpful to make an appointment to come to Aqua-Tech (1065 Dugald Rd) to discuss your water. We would like to partner  with you to advise the best water care and maintenance program for your
family and your new investment.

Until your appointment, please test the spa water before each use. Add 2 to 4 tsp of Bromine Granules before entering the hot tub if the bromine level is too low. Also continue to test with the strips and add more or less
bromine tablets to the ‘weir door’ to maintain a bromine level of 3-5 ppm on the strips. Bromine granules establish a sanitizer level and the tablets are designed to maintain an ideal level when dosed correctly for the water
temperature and usage. All other aspects of hot tub water chemical care will be discussed at the initial consultation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us here at the lab.

What are the top 10 things all new spa owners should know?  Here are the Sundance Spa Top Ten Hot Tub Tips

Read your hot tub manual and refer to it as required. The Sundance spa  manual is a wonderfully written document and is a great reference for you.  Should your new spa require a service call, there is a $2.00 per km mileage
charge past the perimeter.

Always test the water before you get into the hot tub so you may monitor  your sanitizer level. DO NOT go into the hot tub if the level is low. Add  2—4 tsp of Bromine Granules, wait 15 minutes and then use the hot tub
(consider increasing the number of bromine tables in your dispenser). It is  vital that even if your hot tub is equipped with ClearRay UV sanitizer that  you maintain 1-3 ppm of Bromine at all times.

Ensure you are using proper spa chemicals from a hot tub professional.  Bring water samples into Aqua-Tech at least twice per fill. Your warranty  requires this. Your hot tub is a significant investment and should be
treated with chemicals designed to prolong it’s life and save you time and  money!

After a spa party, add the appropriate dose of Bromine Granules (refer to  the instructions for superchlorination of the bottle). This will remove any  organics that all the fun brings in. It is also a great idea to leave your
hot tub cover off for ‘a day per week’. This allows your water to breathe and will lengthen the life of your cover and pillows. Also be aware that if you have trouble with high pH—turn off the air controls in your hot tub when
you are not using it. Air controls are the ‘dials’ that increase the bubbles that come thought the water jets.

Drain the hot tub on a regular basis. The average spa should be completely drained and refilled 4 times per year (or as determined by an Aqua-Tech laboratory analysis). This will save your equipment from damage
and keep your chemical costs down. Apply TRIO ’Finish’ to your spa prior to draining. It removes any deposits and dirt from the jets and plumbing. This will ensure you get maximum water flow and your jets will continue to
rotate and spin like new for the life of your spa.

Your filter should be CHEMICALLY cleaned every 4 to 6 weeks. It is a good idea to remove the filter every 2 weeks and rinse it to remove large debris. We highly recommend having two sets of filters that you can rotate,
so there is never any ‘down time’ to your spa. It is best to dry your spa filters completely after the chemical cleaning process, this will ensure a longer filter cycle. If you have a Microclean filter consider having a
‘standard pleated’ filter as a spare. If you see the filter reminder on your control panel, refer to your owner’s manual to reprogram the countdown timer.

Filters, pillows, light bulbs and heatshields do not carry a warranty. However, the better they are cared for the longer they will last. Always clean your hard cover thoroughly at least every 6 months. Any damage to the
cover can cause water penetration to the Styrofoam. The cover will then get heavy and need to be replaced. Eventually all covers will get heavy and require replacement. Ensure you have access to your equipment for
service calls. Technician time on site to create access is not covered under warranty.

If your spa is equipped with ClearRay UV sanitizer, inspect and clean the quartz sleeve at every hot tub draining prior to refilling. Replace the bulb every 365 circulation days. If you see the “blb” reminder on your
control panel, refer to your owner’s manual to reprogram the countdown timer.

Every outdoor spa owner needs to own the following tools: a space heater, wet dry vacuum and a submersible pump. Between November 1 and May 1 you must also have at least 2 gallons of spa antigel at home in case you
need to perform an emergency winterizing.

Check your tub every day in winter. If a freeze up occurs damage is caused by not following the prescribed winter maintenance procedures. This includes checking the control panel for operation and water
temperature (i.e. don’t just lift the lid and see if the water is hot, use the control panel to turn on each of the pumps and check the control panel for error messages). Ensure that your hot tub is always in STANDARD mode.
If you have an 880 spa, ensure your economy filter cycles are set to 6 hour duration (see your manual for more details)

Always contact us with any questions or concerns you may have! ( You can ask any question, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week at (click Support at the top of the page)

Some names to remember are:
Customer Care Service Calls, Mechanical and Warranty Questions
Water Lab Hot Tub Water Analysis and Chemistry Questions

Happy Hot Tubbing from the Aqua-Tech Staff!


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