Choosing between swimming pool companies

As consumers we all have choices where to spend our very hard earned money. A swimming pool is very permanent and careful consideration should be used to pick the right firm. Here are the top ten tips for deciding which swimming pool company to choose…


This is easily the most important consideration. Talk to as many friends and co-workers as possible. Try not to just have one reference…..anyone can hit one home run but do they have a history of quality and service?


Parts and service

Check out their store…. look for the parts and service department. This may not seem important at first when you are excited about the backyard design and price but it will mean everything after the sale. Imagine yourself when you’re all excited about an upcoming pool party and unexpectedly you require help with the pool water or a service tech.


Design service

A 3D design service is critical if details are important to you. You don’t want to paying for a redo in a few years.


Size matters if you want assurance on service and installation from your swimming pool company. If a company is reliant on one installer as many are, what happens if that person takes ill or gets behind on one job?


Seeing is believing. If a company has a nice display pool you can have more faith in their product. It also shows the company’s  commitment to the industry….if a fellow works out of his house and decides he is off to another industry how much value is your warranty?



Compare 2-3 swimming pool companies..Keep in mind the top 5 above.

Complete backyard professionals

Some companies can provide the landscaping and fences….if you have a busy lifestyle this can be huge help. By having one site manager for the whole job there are fewer mistakes and a more seamless installation.

Insurance and Workers Compensation

Sounds like a boring detail but every industry has companies who are not current with their insurance or payables……. they are typically the lowest price.

Water lab

You will need help with water maintenance…check out their water lab before you buy.


Installation dates

This kind of ties back to #1 (reputation)… some companies take their promises more serious than others. Will they have numerous jobs on the go but nothing completed?

Good luck with your pool quest! Explore your Custom pool design options!


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