Choosing a salt water pool

Salt water pools are a huge trend in swimming pools these days.  A salt pool looks and feels wonderful.  They are definitely a great choice for folks looking for safe and easy pool care.  When choosing a saltwater pool, there are a few things to consider. 


Why do you want a saltwater pool?

The first question to ask yourself when closing a saltwater pool is why you want one.

Did a friend tell you their salt pool is wonderful?  Great!  This is wonderful advice from people who have loved their salt pool.  If they have had a saltwater pool for 5 or more years, then listen to their great opinions and work with your pool care professional to select the right salt system for you.

Did Google tell you they are great?  Be careful and take what you read on the internet with ‘a grain of salt’ – read on and you will see that salt pools are not quite what the internet says; marketers have done a great job telling some half truths about saline pools.

Have you swam in a saltwater pool on vacation?  It is a good idea to talk to our amazing water lab team about your particular pool and we can work with you on if a residential salt pool experience will be the same as the one you had on vacation.  Commercial salt pools are quite different than having one in your home.  A saltwater pool is a large investment and a little one on one education can really help with making the right decision for you and your family.

Salt water pool myths vs. facts

There are very many myths floating around (pun intended) about salt water pools.  For more details download our FREE ebook 6 Common Salt Water Myths: Discover the Simple Truths Behind Keeping Your Salt Water, Safe, Sparkling and Clear

Some common myths are:

  1. Salt pools don’t require “harsh chemicals” or chlorine.
  2. Saltwater pools don’t require maintenance.
  3. Salt water chlorine generators reduce pool operating costs.
  4. Just add the salt and you’re done!
  5. Chlorine level is automatically monitored and adjusted.
  6. Pool salt has no effect on the pool or deck equipment.


Saltwater pool challenges

Saltwater pools really are a wonderful swimming experience but you should be prepared for a couple challenges that do make them unique. 

The process of creating chlorine from salt is a chemical change.  These changes have some side effects like higher ph values that need adjusted and can create some water chemistry parameters to be aware of.

A salt generator is another piece of pool equipment to be monitored and maintained.  The cell (ECG) that creates the chlorine should be inspected and cleaned a few times a season and the control of the unit should be looked at a few times a week to ensure it is working correctly and is generating the amount of sanitizer your pool needs at that time (as this varies with swimmers, weather and the pool temperature).  Most salt units life span is 3-5 seasons.

Make sure you have a great pool professional partner who knows salt.  Have your water tested at least once per month and make the required adjustments.  Follow a programed approach to saltwater pool care to make sure the saline enjoinment is not aggressive on your pool equipment and structure.

Salt pool perks

With all the caveats above you would think that having a saltwater pool is not recommended.  This is not necessarily the case. Salt water pools look great and feel amazing!

The chemistry of a saltwater pool is very close to our bodies and is a very natural feeling swimming experience.

A salt water pool generates its own chlorine and does not depend on you to manually add it.  This means that you never  have to touch chlorine (stinky fingers for hours) and that if you decide to go on vacation for a few weeks that you don’t have to ask friends or neighbours to chlorinate the pool for you.

For even more information on choosing a salt water pool, download our free eBook 2015 Pool Trends: Explore the Latest Design Features and Innovations.


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