Bathroom design trends….our recent favourites

Lee Green heads up our bathroom design department and truly designs amazing bathrooms! Bill Frost takes those designs and manages our installations with our own staff.
Lee and Bill work really well together as design and practicality do have to be in synch.  Both these key people love what they do and are industry leaders.

I think that’s why we have become Winnipeg’s number one choice for bathroom renovations.

bath a
The most popular trend is the large shower.
At one time in the 80’s we sold hundreds of very large two person soaker tubs.
The reality was few people had time to use them but everyone wanted more shower room.
Showers used to be as small as 32” square….hardly enough room to bring your arms up.
Many of the 5’ tubs are coming out and we are installing showers in their place.

Custom size showers are becoming the norm and we show quite a few examples in our showroom.
bath b

With the large showers there have been spin off trends.
Custom glass with no exposed frames makes for a much cleaner contemporary look.
Body sprays and rain shower heads are common now and add to the shower experience.
Aqua-tech has a display shower that includes music, heated seats and custom lighting!
A visit to our showroom is our recommended step one before starting your design.
You need to see what’s available before starting the process.
bath c

Lately we have been installing more and more steam options for showers.

A steam bath creates a soothing stress reliever to start or finish your day.
There is some planning involved to find a location for the steam generator.
This is another example of why it’s nice to deal with a company that does design and install so important details are not over looked.
Our showroom has an operating steam shower!
bath pic d

Heated bathroom floors are something our customers are raving about.

Bathrooms are supposed to be a private cozy place and warmth on your feet adds to the experience.
With new advanced technology the cost to operate is minimal.
We have even added heat to the shower floor and seats for some customers.
bath pic e

I’ve only touched on a few of our latest trends…..have to save some for the next blog
Visit our showroom to see what’s trending in the bathroom world and meet our certified interior designer!


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