How to Treat Metals and Staining in a Pool

Metals in your pool water is an important thing to get under control as soon as possible. All our videos on metal removal and stain identification/removal are listed below 🙂 How to Remove Metals up to 2 PPM How to Remove Metals Over 2 PPM How to Identify Staining in a Pool Using Jack’s Magic… Read More»

How to Treat Algae in a Pool

Listed below are the most effective ways we treat algae in a pool! 🙂 How to Treat Algae Using Ultra Shock, Algae Clear 60 and Clear Rebound

Hot Tub Insulation

Hot Tub is 15 years old. Wanting to do some insulation maintenance. What type of spray foam insulation should I use to seal up openings and worn out foam?

New jet

I need to replace a jet in my Sundance caprio. It’s a 90’s model. Don’t have the model number. I was going to take the jet out and come down to the store but I can’t get it out. Is there a trick to removing the jet?

Hot Tub Hamilton Settings for winter

As we’re heading into the cold, I want to make sure the menu settings are correct for our Hamilton Spa. These are the settings, please let me know if they should be different: PF – 2Am (it goes off a few times a day, is that okay) SF – Heavy Mode Heat – Auto FC… Read More»

Hot Tub use in winter

Good Afternoon, what setting should my (McKinley) Hot tub be set on for winter. We just purchased the tub this summer and wanted to make sure we had the tub set properly for winter use. Thanks Geoff


How long for hot tub to connect to cell towers? I’ve installed app. Scanned code. Tub is still not communicating after 1.5hrs

Pool Wall Jets

We used the pool vacuum that was plugged into the skinner. After use we unplugged from the skimmer. One of the jets kept bubbling air into the water for a while and then stopped. Checked this morning and no bubbling coming out of jet. Is this just Back Pressure from the connecting and disconnecting of… Read More»