No power in jets

Hi, I bought a used 2013 Sundance Edison and most of the jets are broken and fell out. I bought it that way and was wondering if thats the reason why there is barely any pressure on some jets and more pressure on others. Will I get more pressure on the jets when i get… Read More»

Jet related – Chelsea Spa

In the fall I reopened my Chelsea Spa (closed it down in mid July and August – too hot outside) and noticed that one of the Jets no longer controlled the air mix. The Air is always on for that one seat location. The dial seems to do nothing. I brought this up in November… Read More»

Poor jet pressure

Hi, impressed with the help and advice you have offered and hoping you may be able to assist me? I have a passion superior deluxe spa (same as a grizzly spa). It operates with an LX WP300-11 two speed pump motor and a basic Balboa control panel. We have regularly changed the water but not… Read More»

Open Flow Switch

its not the water level – I took out the filter and there was a plastic type cover 3/4 over the grey thing with all of the holes in it – I assume something that should have been removed during installation. The filter keeps popping off – if I turn it tighter then we get… Read More»

No pressure when running jets in tub

I have a HealthyLiving 7 spa purchased in 2014 from Krevco. My jets on the lounger side stopped running with any pressure to them (they still work, but no pressure). I drained the spa and refilled it, but now ALL the jets in the tub run with no pressure. Is there something I can do… Read More»

Pool Wall Jets

We used the pool vacuum that was plugged into the skinner. After use we unplugged from the skimmer. One of the jets kept bubbling air into the water for a while and then stopped. Checked this morning and no bubbling coming out of jet. Is this just Back Pressure from the connecting and disconnecting of… Read More»

Hot tub pump

I have a few questions about my recently obtained pre-owned Krevco SSPA-1 Sunrise HOT TUB. About 17 years old, with limited use. 1. Should the circulation pump be running all of the time? 2. Currently there are always air bubbles in the water being circulated. Is this normal? Or does this indicate an air/plumbing leak?… Read More»

Sundance hot tub

There are two speeds for the jets and only one is working.


I have a 2006 Jacuzzi 485. I’m getting a FLo code. I had to replace the circulation pump a couple months ago. Hot tub was working great. Then I get this flo code. I have replaced the filter and flow switch. And still getting the Flo code. If I turn the Circultuon pump off it… Read More»

2007 Diamondback Spa

Received FLO error and wasn’t heating after several months working fine following refill. Noticed that Jets 1 aren’t blowing at all however lower larger jet near floor blowing normal when on and now heating. Jets 2 working normal. Ideas on areas to start checking first?