How to Clean your Salt Cell

It is important to inspect and clean your salt cell regularly. Ensure you are chemically cleaning it as required to extend the life of the cell.   Remove the cell by loosening the unions to release. Flush the cell using a garden hose and spray nozzle attachment to remove and loose or excessive debris Pour… Read More»

Low Amps on Salt System

If you have a Dig-36 or Mineral Springs Digital Saltwater Chlorinator, one of the most common errors is a ‘Low Amps’ message. This is typically a sign that the cell and cell cable have or are close to expiring. Here are the steps to check the salt cell functionality: Phase 1:  CHEMICALLY clean the cell… Read More»

Salt cell problems

My pool is a salt water pool. The salt water system is not producing chlorine because the unit says the pool has a low salt level and the low salt light is on. I checked the salt several times at the pool store and it reads 3000 ppm. The inspect cell light is also lit… Read More»

Salt system unit problems

We have replaced our cell and the power cord to the cell and over the last 3 pool seasons (on Aquatech’s recommendation) due to a recurring ‘low amps-check cell reading’ on our salt unit. Now this season this same reading is occuring and the Chlorine levels drop to 0. Last week chemicals fine and this… Read More»