WELCOME To your new Trio System HOT TUB!

Congratulations on your new hot tub! Here are 3 educational how-to videos. Please watch them in order and email us at watertesting@aqua-tech.ca once your new spa and hot tub education is complete 🙂   #1:  Weekly care of your new hot tub #2:  How to read your water test results print out #3:  Top 10… Read More»

How to Treat Metals and Staining in a Pool

Metals in your pool water is an important thing to get under control as soon as possible. All our videos on metal removal and stain identification/removal are listed below 🙂 How to Remove Metals up to 2 PPM How to Remove Metals Over 2 PPM How to Identify Staining in a Pool Using Jack’s Magic… Read More»

How to Treat Cloudy Water in a Pool

When owning a pool, you will come across cloudy water a number of times, but don’t worry! All our remedies are listed below! How to Treat Slightly Cloudy Water with Smart Shock and Polysheen (Can See the Bottom of Both Ends of the Pool, but Just Isn’t Crystal Clear) How to Treat Moderately Cloudy Water… Read More»

How to Treat Algae in a Pool

Listed below are the most effective ways we treat algae in a pool! 🙂 How to Treat Algae Using Ultra Shock, Algae Clear 60 and Clear Rebound

Hot Tub Hamilton Settings for winter

As we’re heading into the cold, I want to make sure the menu settings are correct for our Hamilton Spa. These are the settings, please let me know if they should be different: PF – 2Am (it goes off a few times a day, is that okay) SF – Heavy Mode Heat – Auto FC… Read More»

How to Drain and Refill your Spa

It is recommended to drain and refill your hot tub approximately every 6 to 8 weeks. This will ensure to save you time and money by lowering your chemical cost and maintenance required. Please follow the steps below to drain and refill your hot tub. Remember all hot tubs are different and this is just… Read More»

Winter Spa and Hot Tub Operation

Enjoying your hot tub through the winter months will bring many family memories, please remember that there are some additional considerations for taking care of your hot tub during the “freeze months” in order to properly care for your investment.

How do i use Trio?

Trio is the newest, easiest and most economical method to maintain 12 weeks of soft, clean and clear spa water.  Here is how us use the Trio spa water care system

Pool closing

How much anti-freeze should I pour into each line?

Water testing results 9 July 16

My pool water was tested 9 July 16. I did discuss the results with the tech. How often can I use the product polysheen blue. I gave my pool a dose on 7 July 16 ?