How to clean your System 3 Cartridge Filter

Click here for a step by step video on how to open and rinse your System 3 Filter:     Disassembly / Assembly Procedure Before disassembling the filter:: 1) Stop pump 2) Open air release valve 3) Close skimmer valves 4) Wait until all pressure is released from the filter tank and system before loosening… Read More»

How to Drain and Refill your Spa

It is recommended to drain and refill your hot tub approximately every 6 to 8 weeks. This will ensure to save you time and money by lowering your chemical cost and maintenance required. Please follow the steps below to drain and refill your hot tub. Remember all hot tubs are different and this is just… Read More»

Salt cell

I constantly blow a fuse every time I go to plug in my pentair intellichlor IC 40 salt cell. Do I need a new cell? And if yes, why would it only last 2 years?

How to Clean Your System 3 Pool Filter Cartridges

System 3:Modular Media Cleaning Procedure The modular media filter is designed for: 1) Low maintenance 2) Fine particle filtration 3) Cost savings   For best results, follow the steps below. Based on normal operation the filter element must be chemically cleaned once a year. To clean: a) Turn the pump off. b) Remove lid, and… Read More»

Stain Identification Process

All vinyl lined pools will stain. It is just a question of when and how severely. Some stains can be removed and other discolourations are permanent. This varies greatly on water chemistry past and present, the area of the stain and the root cause of the discolouration. Please use the Jack’s Magic’s Stain IDentification Kit… Read More»

How to clean your sand filter

The sand in your pool filter should be chemically cleaned at least once a year to ensure proper pool operation. For best results, follow the steps below. a) Backwash filter for 3—5 minutes, rinse for 20 –30 seconds to remove the debris that can be rinsed off. b) Turn pump off and return dial valve… Read More»

Top 10 Hot Tub Tips

Read your hot tub manual and refer to it as required.  The Sundance spa manual is a wonderfully written document and is a great reference for you. Should your new spa require a service call, there is a $2.00 per km mileage charge past the perimeter. Always test the water before you get into the… Read More»

DIY Hot Tub Winterizing and Spa Closing

The number one question we are asked is how to winterize a hot tub. To start, please know that most damage that occurs to hot tub spas is caused by improper winterization.  Also please note that the damage done due to freezing is very costly to repair.  Be very careful if you choose to close… Read More»

How to Clean your Salt Cell

It is important to inspect and clean your salt cell regularly. Ensure you are chemically cleaning it as required to extend the life of the cell.   Remove the cell by loosening the unions to release. Flush the cell using a garden hose and spray nozzle attachment to remove and loose or excessive debris Pour… Read More»

Low Amps on Salt System

If you have a Dig-36 or Mineral Springs Digital Saltwater Chlorinator, one of the most common errors is a ‘Low Amps’ message. This is typically a sign that the cell and cell cable have or are close to expiring. Here are the steps to check the salt cell functionality: Phase 1:  CHEMICALLY clean the cell… Read More»