How to choose a new pool pump

Pumps sometimes don’t get the attention they deserve as they are one of the biggest energy hogs we have in our house. Lifespan and power consumption are 2 of the biggest factors. Below is a snapshot of the 3 options to choose from and a brief description of each. If you have questions or would… Read More»

chemicals for pool

How do I clean the filter for my swim spa? how do I run the filter, the last water analysis has a step where I am to run the filter? The weekly 3 steps for the swim spa is it the same for both the swimming side and the hot tub? When its not in… Read More»

Max E Therm 200 Heater

My heater’s temp controls are non-responsive to any input. Is there something I need to do to reset the heater? Thanks,

How to clean your System 3 Cartridge Filter

Click here for a step by step video on how to open and rinse your System 3 Filter:       Disassembly / Assembly Procedure Before disassembling the filter:: 1) Stop pump 2) Open air release valve 3) Close skimmer valves 4) Wait until all pressure is released from the filter tank and system before… Read More»

Pool plumbing leak

I am looking for a quote and tracing and repairing a suspected leak in the suction side of my pool plumbing. There are fine bubbles showing from the returns and the water level in our 14′ x 28′ rectangular inground pool drops about one inch in five days after which it seems to stop losing… Read More»

leaking pool filter

The pool filter has a large diameter plug at its base that is leaking. Is it possible that all I need is to replace the plug or do I need a service technician? Will I be allowing the sand to drain out if I remove the plug?

Pump priming

My pump won’t prime. The return line is full but the skimmer doesn’t pull. I can draw water with a shop vac but he pump doesn’t pull. I have tightened every connection to the best of my ability. Let me know what to do next.

Supermax vs pump 3 speed

My lowest setting as per Aquatech advice is 1400. Seems like my heater will not function at this low rate. Is that normal? I slowly increased the flow and at about 1550, the heater kicked in. What are your preferred settings in order to maintain heater function?

DIY Pool Opening – the mechanical process

Spring is here and we can hardly wait to get into the pool! If you are looking for the basic steps on how to open your pool, then we have some tips for you!   If you prefer to leave the work to the experts, we can help with that too!  Just email to… Read More»

Sundance altamar 880 jets pump 2 won’t operate

Sundance altamar 880 jets pump 2 won’t operate, hear click in sentry control box. Pulled pump and took to electric repair shop, they tested it and said it runs like new. All other equipment working fine. Suggestions?