Stain Identification Process

All vinyl lined pools will stain. It is just a question of when and how severely. Some stains can be removed and other discolourations are permanent. This varies greatly on water chemistry past and present, the area of the stain and the root cause of the discolouration. Please use the Jack’s Magic’s Stain IDentification Kit… Read More»

Advice On Re-filling Pool To Avoid Wrinkles?

Decided to drain (pump out) my 20×30 in-ground pool because a)there was a 2 ft tear in the liner to repair and b) there was a lot of debris to remove from the deep end. After repairing the tear and cleaning-up, time to refill. But wrinkles developed in the bottom and the stretch in the… Read More»

pool liner

Our pool liner in the south west corner is starting to come away from the wall. Can someone come and check it out. Thanks!

re-sealing an existing inground pool

We purchased a home with an inground pool, and feel it’s time to do some much needed maintenance. The base is concrete and the upper walls are fibreglass, and we would like to reseal the joint between these two materials. What material can you suggest we use to ensure a waterproof seal? Do you sell… Read More»

Pool liner

My pool liner has slipped off the track. How do I get it back on the track without ripping the liner? What tools should I use?