Yard lights

We are a new build. Aquatech has already completed our pool closing. I wanted to put on the yard lights last night, which didn’t go on, which I then realized was because the pentair panel is turned off. So does this mean I am unable to use the new installed yard lights during the fall… Read More»

Problem with installation of Light controller DCU 6560-135

Hello, I have bought a DCU light controller for sundance spa part 6560-135 a little less than a year ago (order #100002239) and just got down to installing it. My previous one had transistors burned on it. My hot tub is a Sundance Cameo 2011. The original DCU was different. I believe it was an… Read More»


I have a 2009 Sundance certa that I got with a house, works great except for the lights none of the leds work. The transformer is putting out 13 volts and the dcu lights up. I have unplugged all the lights and tried one by one in different ports with no change. I am thinking… Read More»


Hope your having a great spring! Quick question about our tub: The tub jets/motor seems to run automatically at different times when not using. Haven’t noticed this before. Also our flow light is not in sequence with the rest of the lights….when lights are blue, its red. And after tonight’s use the lights stopped completely.… Read More»

Hot Tub Waterfall Light Issue

Just bought my hot tub and loving it, but noticed in the last couple of weeks my Waterfall light wouldn’t change on the left hand side, if would stay red, almost like one led bulb wouldn’t cycle through the colours, it was working fine before but within the last two weeks it’s been getting worse… Read More»

2012 880 Optima Multi Colour LED light

Half of the hot tub’s lights would not turn off or change colour when that option was selected. Now none of the lights are coming on at all and we do not know where to begin to troubleshoot the problem. There is no information in the owner’s manual.

Spa footwell light not functioning.

have a 2012 Sundance Capri who’s footwell light gave out. replaced the light and still does not work. What could be the problem?

Lighting spa

My blue lighting controller on my cameo has lost 1 of the lighting banks. Id like a part number for replacement and a possible reason the bank went. The unit is a 2010 cameo. S# 0xc3lcd-100372251-0510.

Cameo lighting

Some of my cameo lighting has stopped working. I traced it back to just one of the zones on the control board not sending power anymore. I believe I’ll need a new board. I would like to know if you think a faulty led could short out that zone of lighting or what could cause… Read More»