Jet housing

We broke the jet housing trying to remove the jet. Can you price out the replacement parts And labor for this? Please and thanks

New jet

I need to replace a jet in my Sundance caprio. It’s a 90’s model. Don’t have the model number. I was going to take the jet out and come down to the store but I can’t get it out. Is there a trick to removing the jet?

Small leak

5 year old peyton hot tub loosing an inch of water every few days. Located small drip area under one back corner.seems to be wrapped in insuLatin blanket so csnt get at jets. Any tips on locating leak?ie.dye. Can tub be tipped on side to repair if necessary.

Sweat water hottub

Leak around fitting was leaking where smaller hose from hot tub joins with hard abs pipe

PVC to semi-flexible pipe leak

What is the best sealant to use when a pipe fitting cannot be replaced? I have a leaky fitting between a semi-flexible pipe going into a PVC elbow that goes into a valve that has no room for the elbow to be replaced and need to seal the leak in place.

Waterfall pipe leak

What should I use to seal up a waterfall pipe leak? (located behind the waterfall)

Hot Tub leaking

I filled up my tub last night and this morning almost have the water was missing. I had not put in the filter yet and was wondering if that could be the reason for the missing water? I did check around the tub to see if it was wet but have not yet open the… Read More»


The hopper where I put the chlorine pucks is leaking. It is tightened as tight as it goes but water is still leaking out. It is lowering the water level and now I have the error message low pressure. How do I stop the leak?

Hot Tub Leak

Hi, I have a 2005 Maxxus. A technician came out to look at my hot tub on wednesday but unfortunately nothing could be done at the time. I continued to dig through the foam and have located the leak. It seems to be coming out from a fitting right at the tub. It is at… Read More»