Heater Release valve

It is leaking. Is there a fix? Do you have replacement part if needed

Cannot tighten connector at the sand filter

I can’t tighten the connection at the filter (inlet side from pump). Nothing at the store fits. Is there a split ring that fits, assuming it’s female fitting that’s the problem. Kathy suggested contacting service and sending a photo. Please advise Regards Doug Phone: 204-688-6057

Pool leak

Last year I had a cronic pool leak issue, I have figured out that the return line port fittings are cracked. When there is nothing screwed into them the pool does not leak, but if I install the directional bushings or the winter plugs it opens the cracks and I lose water. I am wondering… Read More»

Sundance Certa

My spa is leaking but only when it is on. It looks like it is coming from the back i.e. away from the maintenance panel. it is only 5 years old and there are no leaks in the actual tub itself – it’s like new. Any suggestions as to how I could troubleshoot? Thanks.

i think my pool leaks

Leaking Pool? If you are not sure that your pool leaks and it is only a hunch or an “I think it does” and don’t want to book a complete diagnostic service right now we can give you some homework to try and help you with some of you own CSI work. Accurately mark the… Read More»

finding pool liner hole

we have a 24ft above ground pool where we just recently noticed a slow leak and suspect a hole in the liner as all connections are good. Can you give me some suggestions on how to find the hole? I suspect we will probably drain as much water as we can so we can get… Read More»

Pipe continually pops of Sand Filter Connection

I have an 18′ above ground pool with a sand filtration system, and I’ve had this pool for over 10 years and never had a problem like this. I perform regular weekly maintenance, checking that all components, water levels and pressure and balance the chemicals. A week ago today, the outtake pipe from the sand… Read More»