How to clean your System 3 Cartridge Filter

Click here for a step by step video on how to open and rinse your System 3 Filter:     Disassembly / Assembly Procedure Before disassembling the filter:: 1) Stop pump 2) Open air release valve 3) Close skimmer valves 4) Wait until all pressure is released from the filter tank and system before loosening… Read More»

How to Treat Cloudy Water in a Pool

When owning a pool, you will come across cloudy water a number of times, but don’t worry! All our remedies are listed below! How to Treat Slightly Cloudy Water with Smart Shock and Polysheen (Can See the Bottom of Both Ends of the Pool, but Just Isn’t Crystal Clear) How to Treat Moderately Cloudy Water… Read More»

Water testing results 9 July 16

My pool water was tested 9 July 16. I did discuss the results with the tech. How often can I use the product polysheen blue. I gave my pool a dose on 7 July 16 ?

How to Clean Your System 3 Pool Filter Cartridges

System 3:Modular Media Cleaning Procedure The modular media filter is designed for: 1) Low maintenance 2) Fine particle filtration 3) Cost savings   For best results, follow the steps below. Based on normal operation the filter element must be chemically cleaned once a year. To clean: a) Turn the pump off. b) Remove lid, and… Read More»

cloudy water, slimy pool

We have struggled since opening the pool to get things the way they should be. continue to struggle with keeping chlorine and getting pH up. Can’t get rid of the cloudiness and now the pool is slimy no matter what we do. During the last month have put in two full containers of pH up,… Read More»

filter pressure guage reading 21; normally reads 13

Our filter pressure gauge is reading 21 when it should be reading around 13. The water does seem a little murky. Also, when the water is turned on for our slide, the water flow is intermittent; it will run for a while, then stop. When it does flow, the volume of water seems to be… Read More»