WELCOME To your new Trio System HOT TUB!

Congratulations on your new hot tub! Here are 3 educational how-to videos. Please watch them in order and email us at watertesting@aqua-tech.ca once your new spa and hot tub education is complete 🙂   #1:  Weekly care of your new hot tub #2:  How to read your water test results print out #3:  Top 10… Read More»

How to clean your System 3 Cartridge Filter

Click here for a step by step video on how to open and rinse your System 3 Filter:       Disassembly / Assembly Procedure Before disassembling the filter:: 1) Stop pump 2) Open air release valve 3) Close skimmer valves 4) Wait until all pressure is released from the filter tank and system before… Read More»

Opening, Closing, and Drain & Refill Procedures for Pool and Spa

Here are some how-to’s for opening and closing your pool and spa yourself! 🙂 How to Winterize and Close your Pool  – Do it yourself 🙂   for an even more detailed video, check our YouTube link How to Winterize and Close your Hot Tub Using BioGuard Pool & Spa Anti-Freeze This Process is to… Read More»

How to Treat Algae in a Pool

Listed below are the most effective ways we treat algae in a pool! 🙂 How to Treat Algae Using Burn-Out and Erase How to Treat Algae Using Ultra Shock, Algae Clear 60 and Clear Rebound

How to Treat Metals and Staining in a Pool

Metals in your pool water is an important thing to get under control as soon as possible. All our videos on metal removal and stain identification/removal are listed below 🙂 How to Remove Metals up to 2 PPM How to Remove Metals Over 2 PPM How to Identify Staining in a Pool Using Jack’s Magic… Read More»

How to Treat Cloudy Water in a Pool

When owning a pool, you will come across cloudy water a number of times, but don’t worry! All our remedies are listed below! How to Treat Slightly Cloudy Water with Smart Shock and Polysheen (Can See the Bottom of Both Ends of the Pool, but Just Isn’t Crystal Clear) How to Treat Moderately Cloudy Water… Read More»

Top Ten Pool & Hot tub Tips

Here’s our list of top ten tips for new pool or hot tub owners! 🙂 Water Lab Top Ten Pool Care Tips Water Lab Top Ten Hot Tub Care Tips

Filter Cleaning Procedures for Pool & Hot Tub and Salt Cell Cleaning

Clean filters are key to keeping your pool and hot tub clear and blue. Below are our instructions on how to chemically clean your filters yourself as well as how to clean your salt cell if you have a salt pool! 🙂 How to Chemically Clean your Pool Cartridge Filter Using Filter Brite or Rapid… Read More»

Weekly Care for Hot Tubs

We have a couple of options for weekly care in a hot tub! All of our how-to’s are listed below! 🙂 Hot Tub Weekly Care with TRIO Hot Tub Weekly Care with Spa Lite, Stain & Scale Control and Spa Complete Hot Tub Weekly Care with Mineraluxe Hot Tub Care in the Winter

How to Treat Sanitizer Challenges in Pools and Spas

There are many different ways there could be a sanitizer problem in your pool and spa. Below we’ve listed a few and how to treat them properly! 🙂 Chlorine Demand Trouble Shoot Procedure in Pools As Advised by the Water Lab Removal of Pollen in Pools As Advised by the Water Lab CYA Removal in… Read More»