How long for hot tub to connect to cell towers? I’ve installed app. Scanned code. Tub is still not communicating after 1.5hrs

Spa sundance no lights

It is à 2012 sundance spa bought it used and the Lights dont work,nothing comes on when I press the control.tested the fuses ok.there is 12v gong to the Rosstech module.Do you have an idea on how to test the control board or the module?

Stain and Scale Control

I have a sundance peyton hot tub that I’m pretty new to. I want to use this spaguard stain and scale control. It says that I need to have the pumps on for 8 hours after I use it. This seems odd. How do I even get the pumps to stay on past 20 minutes?

Hot Tub Remote Not Working

Remote has never really worked – the batteries have been changed but no difference. When the control panel for the spa was replaced the pump buttons on the remote worked for a couple weeks (that was 6 months ago) but it has not worked at all for the last 3 months and the volume buttons… Read More»