Say Goodbye To Cloudy and Green Pool Water

Have you ever experienced green pool water? Odds are that you (somewhere along in your pool maintenance career) have likely experienced this problem. Frequently in the midst of July, your water may begin to take on a hint of green and very rapidly it appears as though somebody has swapped your usually crystalline water with dirty, algae-ridden swamp water!  Fortunately, there is no need to fear, because both BioGuard and Dazzle have some fantastic products which will help either prevent or get rid of the dreaded “green and cloudy” pool, so you can say goodbye to green swamp water, and hello to the usual sparkling water you are accustomed to!

PowerChlor(BioGuard), BurnOut(BioGuard), or Ultrashock (Dazzle)

All of these products are high chlorine, oxidizing products which will help to “gas away” wastes into the atmosphere, as well as increase chlorine content in your pool. They aid in eliminating total chlorine (which can be called “dead chlorine”) and augmenting the amount of free chlorine (chlorine that actually “works”), to help sanitize, clear up cloudy water, and kill algae!


Erase(BioGuard) or Algae Resist 50 (Dazzle)

Erase and Algae Resist 50 are fantastic algaecides which utilize the power of copper sulfate to kill and eliminate all living algae in your pool water! They should only be used when there is truly an algae problem, but can work in as little as 24-48 hours, turning your pool from “green” to “nearly blue”. We usually recommend that you add Erase one hour after adding PowerChlor, BurnOut, or Ultrashock.

Polysheen Blue (BioGuard) or Nature Sheen (Dazzle)

When algae die, they turn a milky white color and can contribute to making your water look cloudy (but no longer green). Polysheen Blue and Nature Sheen help to quickly clarify by capturing micro-particles that your filter cannot catch which may be responsible for clouding. We usually recommend that Polysheen Blue be used 24-48 hours after an Erase treatment, once the water has turned a “milky-white” blue and there is no green color left.

foam in pool

Cleaning your filters using Filter Brite (BioGuard) or Rapid Action Filter Cleanse (Dazzle)

Whether you have sand or cartridge filters, keeping a clean filter and proper circulation are imperative to proper water care (especially when dealing with cloudy, green pool water). Using Filter Brite or Rapid Action Filter Cleanse can increase the efficacy of your filtration system, eliminate the algae problem quicker, and help you save money and time!


Your weekly maintenance

We cannot emphasize the importance of keeping up with your weekly maintenance, not only does it help kill algae, prevent waste build-up, sanitize and eliminate total chlorine levels, but it also makes water care easier, and saves you money and time!


Obviously nobody wants a “green and cloudy” pool, but by using these simple five tips and products, you can either prevent or eliminate your green and cloudy pool quickly and get back to doing the things you love most; swimming in a gorgeous, crystalline pool! So say “goodbye” to that ugly green pool water, and drop by in-store or on-line and feel free to pick up some of advice or products to help you make the most of your water!

Happy Swimming!


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