4 Revolutions in Hot Tub Water Care

One of the common misconceptions with hot tubs is that they are exceedingly difficult to look after, with all the balancers, sanitizer levels and weekly maintenance drills. Fortunately, there have been many revolutionary strides since the first hot tub was invented, which make your hot tub water care and maintenance much easier. Here are four of the most revolutionary developments in hot tub care which will make (or have made) your life easier.

TRIO (BioGuard) and Mineraluxe (Dazzle) Systems

For those of you who are uninitiated in either TRIO or Mineraluxe systems, these are all the rage when it comes to saving time and making hot tub water care quick and convenient. With either system, all it takes is less than five minutes a week to take care of your hot tub because most of your chemicals (clarifiers stain and scale prevention, water softeners, etc.) are all contained in one simple, easy to use package which is added weekly.  The only “extra” work you have to do is by adding your chlorine or bromine and the occasional balancer. Talk about easy!

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Hot tubs now have ”Brominators”

Gone are the days of the having to put it in a floating dispenser and take it out between every use of your hot tub. Due to recent revolutionary strides taken by Sundance Spas, you no longer have to worry about that annoying floating dispenser that can cause much difficulty in maintaining consistent chlorine or bromine levels, as well as being an overall annoyance. With the revolution of the “Brominator”, you simply place your bromine tablets into a grate (much like a pool skimmer basket) which is contained near the filters, making your life easier by not having to worry about the floating dispenser and whether or not it is in your hot tub!

Optimizer Plus (BioGuard) or Performance Plus (Dazzle) for uncomfortable water

Have you ever felt that your water just isn’t as silky smooth, or as comfortable as you would like? Why don’t you give Optimizer Plus or Performance Plus a try? Both products use the naturally smooth properties of borates (the same things found in hair conditioner that give it that silky-smooth feeling) to make your water feel fantastic. Furthermore, both Optimizer Plus and Performance Plus have additional properties such as added clarifiers, preventing algae growth and ensuring that balancers last longer and work more effectively to make hot tub water care easier.


Spa Lite (BioGuard), Oxygen (Mineraluxe) and Amaze (Dazzle)

How often have you had a huge party, with tons of spills and “accidents” in your hot tub? In the past (prior to the invention of hot tub shock), you may have had to swim in water full of all of these wastes until you drained and re-filled your hot tub. Fortunately, with the invention of hot tub shocks, you may now “gas away” (or oxidize) all of these wastes so that you do not have to soak in a hot tub full of “last week’s accidents”…

Evidently, hot tub water care has been revolutionized by the invention of several different products, all saving you time and making hot tub maintenance very easy! Until the next time, happy hot tubbing!


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