3 Reasons to Involve a Sundance Spa in your Life!

Question: What are the 3 main things people in Winnipeg hate about winter in Winnipeg?

It’s flippin’ cold (as in, I’ll flip you to see who goes out to start the car)
We never spend any quality time outside (Shoveling. Does. Not. Count.)
Did I already mention it’s cold outside (yes, but one winter spans two calendar years)
Aqua-Tech can solve all three of these problems with 2 simple words…..HOT TUB
And more specifically……SUNDANCE SPAS

880 aspen 2016 party girl edge

Okay, we know it is cold outside, but there’s 135 degrees of separation between your back yard and the inside of your Sundance Spa on any given November, December, January or February evening. Throw in some groovy LED lighting, a little Aromatherapy, unbeatable water clarity that combines MicroClean Filtration & ClearRay Sanitization, and let’s not forget those tension easing Fluidex & Vortex jets. Mix it all up with some family and friends and you have yourself a little bit of heaven and whole lot of Ooooooh yeah!!

Needless to say your outdoor quality time is taken care of as well. Snow wafting down, crisp winter nights, northern lights, spruce boughs laden with snow and twinkling with holiday lights…..maybe old Jack Frost isn’t as bad as everyone says, and just maybe winter will become the season you most look forward to (or is that pushing it a bit?). All we know is that winter with a Sundance Spa sure beats winter without one.

I’m sure there are a few other things people consider for their top three winter hate debate….such as “I can’t barbeque for 4 months”. Although we’re all about the ‘Can Do’ spirit, and yes, anything is possible if you put your mind to it……we at Aqua-Tech would not recommend, and, in fact strongly advise against, barbequing burgers in your Sundance Spa. Not only is it unsafe…..but your buns will get too soggy!

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Contact Aqua-Tech Pools, and we’ll help find the Sundance Spa that’s right for you.




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