3 Fun Hot Tub Facts

Ahhh… you’ve just finished putting your weekly hot tub chemicals in and you’re ready to relax with your feet up. You feel the bubbles on your skin and hear water flowing in the background. You can smell the flowery aroma from the fragrance you tossed in just before getting in. But what do you think about during that half hour of relaxation? Here are 3 fun facts about hot tubs to give you something to think about. If you appreciate hot tubs as much as we do, you’ll appreciate these fun facts! 

Great for Overall Health

Spas are a great (and I mean GREAT) way of reducing stress and improving your overall health. It has been shown that just 15 minutes in the spa every week can help reduce the stress hormone cortisone by over 10 percent in the body. Soaking in your spa can also help with insomnia, reduce inflammation, and even stabilize blood sugar levels in diabetics. A recent study by the New England Journal of Medicine discovered that hot tub therapy proved to be a benefit of people with Type 2 Diabetes. After a 10-day routine of 30 minutes a day soaking in a hot tub, patients experienced significant changes in their bodies such as weight loss, reduced doses of insulin, and an increased general sense of well-being. So take the little bit of extra time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your spa!

use hot tub chems properly

Bubbling Away

Out of the entire 7.125 billion people on planet Earth, there are an estimated 25,780,000 people soaking it up in their hot tubs at this very moment… crazy right? At any given moment, 17,600 people are bubbling away in a hot tub… lucky them!

Humans Aren’t the Only Ones That Enjoy Hot Tubs

The same way you like to warm up on a cold winter day, Japanese Macaque’s are notable for visiting the hot springs in the winter time to warm up. The monkeys can spend up to 5 hours a day soaking up in the hot springs. Researchers say the monkeys soak up for health and social reasons. No offense here but maybe we should throw some hot tub chemicals in there for sanitizing purposes?

a gentile kiss in the hot tub-l

We hope you enjoy your little bit of relaxation time! Happy soaking!


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