May 2022

Non Permanent Above Ground Pool Water Care!

WEEKLY MAINTENANCE STEP ONE: SANITIZE! -Test your pool water every couple days with test strips and keep your chlorine level between 1-3 ppm. -Add 2-3 Chlorinating Stix into a floater and apply/adjust as necessary. STEP TWO: OXIDIZE! -Broadcast 1/4 bag of Smart Shock across the pool surface. This will add sparkle to your water, reduces… Read More»

What Swim Spa and Personal Pools give the best experience?

If now is the time to be thinking about an above ground swim spa or personal pool, you are likely wondering about all the different brands and options available. . One of the most important things for most folks is the best swimming and soaking experience. PDC brand Spas strives for the optimal swim experience with… Read More»