What is pH?

The definition of pH is potential hydrogen. It is the measure of acidity and basicity of a solution. pH has to do with the relationship between the chemicals (H+) and (OH-) Ions and has a scale from 0 – 14. A pH of 7 is considered to be neutral. If the pH is less then 7 it is considered acidic, and if it is more then 7 it is considered basic or alkaline.

In swimming pool water it is important to maintain a pH of 7.4 – 7.6. The reasons that we want our pH in that range is for bather comfort, sanitizer efficiency, protect the surfaces from scale, stains and corrosion. It helps keep the water clear, and maintains the water for fewer problems and easier maintenance.

BioGuard® 5-way Water Test Strips - Rin Robyn Pools®

pH can change for any several reasons. Every product that we add has a pH. Compressed chlorine, swimmer use, and rain fall are all things that would contribute to a lower pH. Liquid chlorine, salt systems, and traditional shocks raise pH.

When it comes to the dose we recommend coming in for a water test to make sure you know exactly where your Alkalinity and pH are at before doing any adjustments.

pH Plus

The purpose of pH Plus of course is to raise the pH. When pH is too low it is acidic so it can cause bather discomfort, rapid sanitizer dissipation, corrosion of metal surfaces, etching of the plaster or grout, as well as increased problems and major repair costs. Read the back of the label for dosage instructions or come and see us for a  water test!

pH Minus

The purpose of pH Minus is to lower the pH.When is to high is can cause bather discomfort, poor sanitizer efficiency, scale formation and cloudy water as well as increased problems and major repairs.

Whenever you are adding these products to your pool or spa make sure that you are continuously running the pump. Sprinkle the product slowly over the surface of the water. You must circulate your water for at least 2 hours after application. For dosage instructions read the back of the label on the product.

Products you will need!

BioGuard Products
SpaGuard Balance Pak 200 (pH Up)

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SpaGuard Lo n’ Slo (pH Down)

SpaGuard Lo 'N Slo® (1.25kg) - Aqua-Tech

Dazzle Products
Dazzle pH+

Dazzle Balance pH+ (700gm) - Aqua-Tech
Dazzle pH- 

Dazzle Balance pH- (950gm) - Aqua-Tech

We recommend coming into Aqua-Tech for a regular water sample once a month. If you have any questions give us a call at (204) 233-8822


  1. anthony aldred


    i have just refilled my hot tub, and tested the water.

    Bromide is high
    TA is very low
    Ph is very high.

    i have got the TA now to the correct level, after 3 days of adjustments. But bringing down the PH is causing me problems, 3 more days of adding chemicals has still not worked.

    Today i added more PH reducer and the water turned yellow around the chemical as it entered the water (is this correct ?)

    • Kathi B


      Thank you for reaching out! There can be a few things happening but the yellowing you are seeing is an indicator of a spa imbalance that you have already identified. We would recommend an in lab water test to look at the full scope of the water chemistry. Also to see if there are any side effects of products added causing unexpected water balance challenges. Feel free to email us a photo of the spa, a photo of your test strip as well as photos of all your products that you add to watercare@aqua-tech.ca and we will do our very best to help.

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