Are you guys ready to Hibernate your Pools!? (BioGuard)

Its almost that time of year again! Time to Hibernate your pool! What is pool hibernation? Similar to hibernation of animals pool hibernation is when you pool goes to sleep for the winter! Now your water is not actually sleeping, but this is a time when we will have you turn your pump off and lower the level of your water. Follow these steps to Hibernate your pool!

CLEAR UP ANY EXISTING PROBLEMS. If you are having any pools problems such as combined chlorine cloudy water, or algae growth, these issues need to be resolved before the pool is winterized.

HAVE YOUR WATER TESTED. The pool water may already be balanced. If not, we’ll tell yo what to do to get it balanced, when you bring us a sample of your pool for testing. Should your water test show any trace metals or water balance problems, follow the recommendations of your BioGuard dealer before proceeding to the next step.

CLEAN THE SOLAR BLANKET. Using BioGuard’s Stow Away, clean your solar cover with nylon bristle brush and then roll it and store it wet. Storing it away with Stow Away still on the blanket will reduce the ability for mold and mildew to grow and may extend the life of your solar cover.

PREFORM HOUSEKEEPING CHORES. Brush and vacuum the pool. Clean the water line with BioGuards Off the Wall.

SAND FILTER. Use  BioGuard’s Filter Brite to ensure that your filter media is clean and ready for spring season. This product will remove oils, greases, and other particles from the filter. Doing this in the fall is easier while the filter is still wet .If you leave it until spring, those particles may be more difficult to remove, reducing the efficiency of the filter.
CARTIDGE FILTER. Do not do your cartridge filter at this time! We will do the cartridge filter at the end after we cover the pool.

PARTIALLY DRAIN YOUR POOL.  A level of about 4 inches below of skimmer is often what is recommended. Properly winterize skimmer and returns.

OXIDIZE SUMMER WASTES. Treat of a quick dissolving BioGuard HibeR Shock. Pour into the deep end of your pool or close the return fittings. Run the pump and the filter for several hours to distribute thoroughly.

PROTECT POOL FROM ALGAE. When the pump and the filter are not operating, any algae present in your pool water will have a chance to multiply. Prevent this by adding BioGuard Hibernate Algaecide ll directly to the water around the edges of the pool. Run pump and filter to circulate the water.

PREVENT STAINING AND SCALE FORMATION. Hibernate Stain and Scale Inhibitor prevents staining and scale formation and staining on pool surfaces, pipes and equipment. New formulation offers better, longer-lasting protection in cold water conditions. Add Hibernate Stain and Scale Inhibitor directly to the water around the edges of the pool. Run the pump and filter to circulate the water.

BRUSH the sides of your pool!

PREPARE EQUIPMENT FOR WINTER. Drain the water from the filter, heater, pump, hoses, and pipes. Make sure electricity and/or gas is shut off. Then protect with BioGuard Hibernate Deluxe Antifreeze. Never use automobile antifreeze – ITS TOXIC! The chlorinator should be drained and flushed, but antifreeze should not be added to the chlorinator!

RAISE THE WATER LEVEL. DO NOT DO THIS IS YOU HAVE A SAFETY COVER ON. Raise the pool water level above the pool returns to 3″ below the skimmer face plate. This keeps the pool structure more stable and assists in preventing “floating” liners.

COVER THE POOL.  A well designed pool cover, mesh or solid,  will keep your pool relatively free of leaves, debris and dirt. If you decide not to cover the pool or you wish to use a mesh cover, you’ll need to add a second treatment of BioGuard Hiber Shock about mid-winter or just before the water freezes. Pre-dissolve product and pour it around the sides of the pool.


Note: The above information is intended as a guide only. For more details on off-season pool care, consult your BioGuard dealer.

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